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What We Do

Second Chance Society (SCS) was founded in 2001 by Ms. Pat Owen. Contained in the wording of the SCS Mission Statement lay its primary purpose which is to help homeless and struggling individuals return to a state of self-sufficiency. With self-sufficiency comes a state of well-being, self-worth, revitalization, and a return of hope.


The secondary purpose is to provide ongoing encouragement to our clients to ensure their entrance back into society is as smooth as possible. Persons helped by Second Chance Society have become homeless, or are on the edge of homelessness due to a myriad of reasons such as substance misuse, mental health issues, health conditions, loss of a loved one, post-military issues, post-incarceration issues, etc. 


During its 22 years of existence, Second Chance Society has assisted over 6000 men and women through its “Hand Up Program” and over 7000 men and women through its “ID Program.”  The agency has become a well-known entity within the Continuum of Care in Broward County.  Many clients have lost everyone and everything.  Some of these clients come to embrace us as a surrogate family, a safe haven.

Help Struggling Men and Women Achieve Self-Sufficiency

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